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Lincoln, New Hampshire

Distance to Littleton: 25 minutes Lincoln, New Hampshire - home of one of the younger siblings of the Littleton Chutters. Here you'll find an endless number of ways to enjoy the mountains. Learn More

The Kancamagus Highway

Distance to Littleton: 30-60 minutes Legend has it that the Kancamagus Highway is truly the most spectacular 21 mile stretch of pavement within US borders. See for yourself as you wind your way through the Heart of the White Mountains.

Crawford Notch

Distance to Littleton: 35 minutes Try not to lose your balance while gazing upon the sharp peaks of Crawford Notch. Adventure is only a short hike away on every corner to discover some of the Northeast's finest waterfalls and cascades.

Candy on the Slopes

Distance to Littleton: 30 minutes There's no telling when your next craving for sweets might come. It is for moments like these that Chutters decided to plop a candy counter right at the top of the Zephyr High Speed Quad. Learn More

The Old Man of the Mountain

Distance to Littleton: 15 minutes Pay homage to the fallen guardian of Franconia Notch, who so nobly watched over New Hampshire until just recently.Learn More

The Original Chutters Candy Store

Since before 1900 Chutters has been bringing the widest selection of candy from one store to the White Mountains. It's here that you'll find all 112 feet of the world's longest candy counter! Learn More

North Conway, New Hampshire

Distance to Littleton: 1 hour North Conway offers itself as a perfect hub for visiting the White Mountains. What could be better than being within an hour to all three Chutters locations. Do a loop through mountains and visit all three locations in one day! Learn More

Pinkham Notch

Distance to Littleton: 1 hour It is within Pinkham Notch that Mount Washington leaves itself most vulnerable. Explore the rugged landscape on foot or travel by car up to the highest summit in the Northeast. Don't forget to look for the Atlantic Ocean far off on the horizon!